How to Take Care of Cedar Wood Sauna Rooms?

The cedar dry saunas are ready to fit and use packages that are all pre-built to save the users from the hassle of building sauna rooms. They come in CE or UL certified varieties which can be built in a single day, providing the buyers with the pure bliss of sauna.  From floor and walls to benches of these sauna rooms, everything is made of the highest quality Western cedar wood rather than standard grade cedar woods.  Cedar wood sauna rooms make sustainable items no matter whether they are constructed in indoor or outdoor area out of A clear or infra red grade cedar woods available in this world.

Cedar wood saunas are not just decay and weather resistant but also have pleasant smell too. Their panels are made of cedar wood which always serves as natural insect repellant and deodorizer. Making Cedar wood sauna kits, manufacturers allow you to enjoy durability as well as protection from many wood-rotting insects and fungi. These qualities owe to the presence of special substances like Phenolics and thujaplicins that are always extracted from the cedar wood due to their absolutely pleasant odor and rot resistance power.

How to Take Care of your Cedar Wood Sauna Room?

As you plan to build a sauna room for relaxation, recreational pleasure and shedding healthful sweat, you can consider trying out cedar wood sauna room. You are less likely to witness any difference in performance in between infrared sauna rooms built from B clear grade woods and those with A clear grade cedar woods.

Once you order and purchase the cedar wood sauna, you will have to follow a few selective tips in order to maintain it regularly and keep it in good shape.

  1. Sweep the floor of sauna and remove any dirt, debris, hair or dirt falling on it.
  2. Use a mild liquid detergent along with a sponge or cloth to scrub the wooden benches and walls of the Sauna room.
  3. Based on the kind of heaters used in the sauna room, you will have to use the most appropriate cleaning method. You will have to remove ash from wood burning heaters, use a nonabrasive cleaner to clean and clear an electrical sauna heater and soak the heat distributing sauna rocks in a gentle detergent solution once in every month.
  4.   You will have to clean the discolored spots appearing on sauna walls as and benches with bare hand or smooth sand paper.
  5. Make sure to sit or lay on enough towels rather than directly seating on the cedar wood benches and causing it further damage.

If you agree to clean and maintain your sauna using the above rules, then consider purchasing cedar wood sauna rooms and kits from Cedar Barrel Saunas.  We are ready to deliver CE certified 240 VAC 50 Hz saunas for Asia and Europe region,  and  UL approved 220 VAC 60 Hz saunas for use in North America region.

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