Five Things Sauna Rooms Can Do to Boost Your Health

Sauna rooms give a warm and comforting feel to your body. It is nothing but warm heat therapy that has been experienced by many ancient cultures in this world for centuries. 

The native population of Europe, Sweden and Finland still use sauna rooms and enjoy high longevity even in cold environments where their bodies can’t sweat properly to release toxic wastes.

Different Kinds of Saunas

Generally there are two kinds of saunas – a dry or infrared sauna and a wet sauna (steam room). The wet sauna rooms help the body get warmed from outside to inside whereas the dry or infrared sauna has the reverse effect. Both the kinds of sauna rooms have their merits as well demerits.  

The remarkable benefit of a dry sauna is users will have minimal humidity and can attain high heating point, fast growing their metabolic rate and releasing toxins. But some of them even experience an irritated lining of their nose and lungs in the absence of enough humidity.

However, a wet sauna ensures moisture to hydrate the skin and can bring an effective therapy for those suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies and more.  However, it needs to be kept dry and disinfected as bacteria might grow in its moist and warm conditions.

With a steam bath, users may not get to sweat as much as in an infrared sauna and end up soaking chlorine and many other chemicals present in the water steam.   

Five Things Sauna Rooms can Do to Boost Your Health:

Skin Cleansing:- The heat bath technology of sauna induces sweating, which helps remove bacteria as well dead cells from the skin.  It rejuvenates skin and make it look like fresh and glowing. 

Sweating in sauna rooms results in a skin bath with clean and minerals rich fluid. It helps maintain skin elasticity, reduces the sagging skin and fine aging lines. Thus, taking a sauna bath regularly helps restore the skin vitality.   

Remove Toxins: The sweating in a sauna can help naturally remove many toxic wastes such as uric acid, sodium and lactic acid, accumulated in the body. Whether toxins are stored in the upper or deeper layer of body fat, they can be effectively released through continuous use and sweating in sauna rooms. The improved circulation also adds to blood flow and cause better oxygenation. A boost in oxygen level aids in dissolving toxins in the blood and getting filtered out .

Minimizes Stress: In a hectic and fast life, many individuals get so stressed that they end up with severe health issues. Spending 10-15 minutes every day to relax and refresh in sauna rooms can be the best solution to unwind from a wild day. Sitting quietly in a warm sauna keeps the mind as well as the muscles relaxed, allowing users to feel good and relieved.

Lose Weight:  The experience of many spa users’ confirms that you can lose a few extra pounds from body by seating in sauna rooms regularly and maintaining an effective diet plan and exercise regime. The profuse sweating uses more and more energy coming from the converted carbohydrates and fat in a biological process, burning ultimately calories.   

Enhanced Cardiac Performance: To cope with rising body temperatures, the blood vessels under the skin expand and perform faster to enhance cardiac output. The heart beat can go up  to 110–120 bpm and become normal again during the cooling process.

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