4 Best Tips To Plan DIY Sauna Rooms

Sauna can be a better choice for at-home therapy. But to be wonderful, you should have a proper plan and be built very well.

Plans To Build DIY Sauna Rooms: – An authentic Finnish sauna can be a bit reasonable and it can be constructed to fit any space or surrounding. Before building a sauna, you should know the perfect size of the space. However, the size of the sauna rooms merely depends upon the number of people likely to use it simultaneously.

Plan The Layout Of Sauna Rooms: –

  • Saunas can be of any shape or size. For instance, if you want to experience lying down in the sauna, you should use 6’ in at least one direction.

  • The door of the sauna room must swing out of the room, instead of being inside the room. For a better layout of benches, you should put your door and heater on a long wall next to each other.

  • Choose the ideal place for your sauna heater, especially near the door wall. Keep in mind that cool air can be drawn naturally from the door, along the floor to the heater; where exactly it will be heated.

  • A normal sauna bench depth is 20″ with height either 36″ (For upper bench) or 19″ (For lower bench). You can use custom size benches for your needs. No matter whether you will sit or lie down in your sauna room, you should use maximum benches as per the amount of space; while remembering the fact that the upper bench will be a warmer bench.

Ventilation: – Ventilation in sauna rooms can be extremely necessary to obtain utmost satisfaction and pleasure while using them. It will enhance the speed of reheating a sauna room. Shortage of fresh air due to inappropriate ventilation or poor management of ventilation can offer uncomfortable feeling. It will develop the symptoms of difficulty in breathing or burning the skin. Hence, it’s highly suggested to install ventilators inside sauna rooms for a better ventilation process.

Planning Room Size: – When planning to build sauna rooms, always try to keep the space smaller rather than larger. After keeping space for each bench (19″ each), then switch to planning the heater space. If you will have a smaller room, then it will allow a smaller heater, smaller circuit breakers in your panel to provide more efficient heating facilities.

Sauna Heater Size: – Usually, Sauna room packages come up with the high performance heater for the given cubic sauna space (approximately 7’ ceiling). If your sauna room is very large (i.e. over 450 cubic feet), you can consider set-up of two sauna heaters.

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